About Caplin

Caplin Systems provides investment banks and other broker/dealers with software and professional services that enable them to build, maintain and extend their “single-dealer platform”.

A single-dealer platform is a software infrastructure that distributes the bank’s internal pricing, trading, permissioning and pre-trade information for one or more asset classes directly to the bank’s clients in real time over the Internet. It also includes the client-facing application(s) which historically were locally installed, but increasingly are browser-based so they can run on any computer, smartphone, tablet or other device.

Founded in 2000, Caplin Systems is incorporated in England and Wales and is based in the City of London with sales offices in New York and Hong Kong. The company, which is privately held, currently has more than 80 full-time staff, most of them in product development and professional services. Caplin Systems is profitable, cash positive and funded from its own income. In the financial year to March 31st 2011, Caplin’s revenues grew by 53% year-on-year.