PubSubHubbub – the not quite real time web

There seems to be some confusion with some articles I have read about what PubSubHubbub (PuSH) does with regards to the real time web. This article should clear up some aspects of PubSubHubbub. PubSubHubbub is a protocol to turn the polling (pulling) style ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

This week's first CaplinTech blog post: From @martintyler - Why we don't need HTML5 WebSocket: Excellent post! # CaplinTech blog post by @patrickmyles - The banking exodus from IE6 begins? ...Read More

Imprecise Accuracy is better than Precise Inaccuracy

Last week I blogged about how an estimate is not a guarantee. A small, but important, omission from that post was the distinction between an accurate estimate and a precise estimate. Frequently accuracy and precision seem to be considered the same thing. The ...Read More

Build vs Buy, Open vs Proprietary

I just blogged about the build vs buy choice with regards to Single-Dealer Platforms on the SerenDiPity blog. It’s a bit of a new take on the build vs buy debate and how that relates to open source vs proprietary in different software ...Read More

Narrative Journey Maps

The UX team at Caplin are always looking for ways to enhance our Usage Centered Design (UCD) process and tools because we realise the importance of UCD in helping us to uncover the pain points of our users. When designing/refining application ‘flow’ one of the ...Read More

The banking exodus from IE6 begins?

We've all seen the retail and consumer space push to ditch IE6 gathering pace over the last 6 months, including a petition to the UK government and Google's announcement that their online productivity suite stopped supporting IE6 yesterday. But ...Read More

Why we don't need HTML5 WebSocket

I was going to blog about HTML5 WebSocket last week, but got side tracked. In the meantime Greg Wilkins wrote an excellent piece covering some of what I wanted to say - The idea of WebSocket is sound - it should get past ...Read More