HTML5, iOS and the open web

A couple of quick links I picked up on this week..Google has made updates to its mobile gmail, mentioned here - Mobile Gmail is a great example of a mobile web app that acts very much like ...Read More

Web Page vs Web App

When does a web page cease to be a page and become something that is more like an app? The answer is pretty subjective, and two people can argue (and have) about this for hours and still not agree. Superficially the ...Read More

What does software look like?

As software engineers we work with substance which can neither be seen, smelt, touched, heard nor tasted. One might argue that we "see" the code, but in reality, our source code is no more than the instructions that we give for ...Read More

UX Definition Myopic?

I am starting to get a little frustrated on the volumes of tweets and blogs I am reading about UX, mainly because my vision and what we are doing here at  Caplin gets watered down through most people's myopic view of ...Read More

War stories from the Static Analysis Trenches

I have always had a soft spot for automated analysis tools, fundamentally believing that for a reasonable subset of problems, where the rules can be expressed relatively mechanically, that they should be able to effectively diagnose a reasonable number of issues ...Read More

Windows Phone 7 development

Windows Phone 7 is the latest thing in the fast growing world of mobile. Microsoft's previous attempts all seemed to be based on shrinking down their desktop OS to work on various handheld devices, but the problem is, that didn't work ...Read More

IE9 always playing catchup

I blogged about whether IE9 will save us from IE6 when the IE9 beta was released. I just read a blog by Alex Russell - IE 8 is the new IE6 which echoes some of the same points that ...Read More

Taking C unit testing to the next level

In terms of formalised unit testing, we were fairly late to start generating repeatable test cases for our C products. Sure we wrote code to test our new features but they were just thrown away once the code was working.Even so, ...Read More

Software Craftsmanship 2010

Yesterday I went to Software Craftsmanship Conference 2010 at Bletchley Park. The program consisted mainly of hands-on type sessions with occasional time out to visit the rebuild of Colossus and look at some of the history ...Read More

Virgin Galactic: Innovation Tips

Yesterday I attended the BlackBerry Innovation Forum 2010, London.  With the theme "Love Big Ideas" and the reference to "Innovation" I thought I might be enlightened on how BlackBerry drive innovation and create those big ideas - silly me. ...Read More