GFT's free workshop on CFDs and currency trading

Last Thursday, City Am, London’s free business newspaper teamed up with Global Forex Trading (GFT) in order to offer its readers a free workshop on how to make money. Caplin are not ones to pass up on this type of ...Read More

Thoughtworks Live 2011 – Continuous Deployment

I spent a very informative time last Wednesday at the first day of this year’s ThoughtWorks Live event. The conference was videoed, so I guess TW will be making the conference material available in due course. Here’s my ...Read More

The world is meant to end tomorrow. For finance?

May 21st 2011 is supposed to be The Rapture. A few will be saved, whereas the rest will be judged to be unworthy. Google finance has clearly decided it is all over. For the financial sector at least. As of 10 minutes ago, this was ...Read More

Real-time Web on LinkedIn

There's some interesting discussion on the Real-time web Software and Technologies group between Phil Leggetter (ex-Caplin, now Pusher), Frank Greco (Kaazing), Alessandro Alinone (Lightstreamer) and myself. It covers some of the long running issues with terminology in the area of Comet ...Read More

The Psychology of UX: Intro

I originally posted this series to my blog but I thought it would also make a great addition to Platformability because at Caplin we’re very concerned with understanding our users on a deeper level than just their day-to-day lives. Ever since I ...Read More

Caplin presents at SPA 2011

This year we're presenting three separate sessions at the Software Practice Advancement Conference (SPA)! Read on for a run down of the sessions we'll be leading. Run by Richard Chamberlain & James Turner This session takes developers from a ...Read More