Dart: did Google miss the bull’s-eye?

The vocal portions of the Web that care about such things seem to have already made up their minds about Dart, the new web programming language from Google. My opinion of it has ...Read More

The Psychology of UX: Part 6

Welcome back to The Psychology of UX series! Today's post we are going to be concentrating on the subject of Attention. How do you get someone's attention? What do people notice? What distracts people? These are some of the questions we'll ...Read More

It’s all about platforms…

A very interesting read about life at Amazon and Google from Steve Yegge (ex Amazon, now Google) Steve posted this on Google+ publicly when it was intended as an internal message. Steve talks about the difference between ...Read More

The Psychology of UX: Part 5

Exciting news! The first half of 'The Psychology of UX' series has been published in Methods & Tools September issue. Please go check it out. Welcome back to The Psychology of UX series. ...Read More

A Tribute to Steve Jobs

It saddened us at Caplin to hear of Steve Jobs’ recent passing, but we’d like to reflect on his achievements and how they have revolutionised the world. Steve Jobs was not a ...Read More

Caplin Reaver – Hackday Project

Caplin Reaver (name pending review) was a small project created by Neal Dangerfield and myself to explore how to make the XMC (Xaqua Management Console) into a more compelling feature for Caplin Xaqua.The XMC is a great tool. It allows developers ...Read More

How Adobe Flash Lost Its Way

An interesting article on the forthcoming Adobe Flash Player 11 and the evolution of Silverlight:http://www.infoworld.com/d/application-development/how-adobe-flash-lost-its-way-174444 ...Read More