If there's one thing about MVC, it's that no two implementations completely agree on how the controller should work. MVC implementors seem to all intuitively understand the concept of a model and a view, and why it's a good idea to keep them ...Read More

Caplin to support FinTech Hackathon NYC

We are excited to be participating in the FinTech Hackathon in New York City on April 6-7. The goal of the FinTech Hackathon is to promote the development of financial technology for institutional customers and consumers. This is a space in ...Read More

Callback hell is a design choice.

Repeated comments and blog posts about the "callback hell" problem in JavaScript on sites such as HN and Reddit have really baffled this JavaScript programmer. Callback hell is where you call an asynchronous function which provides the result of its computation via a ...Read More

QCon 2013 – Day three – end of day review

Keynote: A forward look at federated wiki - Ward Cunningham Ward Cunningham was the inventor of the wiki and his talk was aimed at describing the next generation.  Again there was a mural of the talk created as it was given. We ...Read More

QCon 2013 – Day two – end of day review

Day 1 ended… late. We finished at midnight after the Atlassian guys threw a party with free beer, foosball and a lot of socialising with fellow geeks. Even though it seems like the whole BBC dev team are here they are great guys ...Read More

QCon 2013 – Day one – End of day review

We're at the first day of QCon London 2013. It's big. The opening keynote was attended by a couple of thousands and there's an iPhone app. A mixed bag of talks and some great people and suppliers to ...Read More

QCon 2013 – Day 1

Morning quick update: A couple of talks we've seen this morning on Java EE 7 and iOS Testing for Banks, as well as the keynote from Barbara Liskov on the history of programming methodology.  Further details on these talks will be posted later. For now ...Read More

2 Minutes: Mark Cossey

Mark Cossey has been Senior User Experience Designer at Caplin since June, 2012. Mark takes two minutes to tell Jennifer Reid a little bit more about his experience at Caplin and what UX means to him. Q: There are a lot of definitions out there ...Read More