Debugging mocked Kotlin objects

The Caplin Integration Team has recently started creating our latest set of adapters used for internal testing and demos. For this version of our mock adapters we opted to go with Kotlin as our primary language. This has ...Read More

Dev Week: Changing the face of Jenkins at Caplin

At Caplin, we have been trying to improve the lives of the developers by giving them easier access to CI configuration. We have recently moved from having multiple CI servers to having a single, well-administered Jenkins server. ...Read More

Dev Week: Benchmarking containers and fine-tuning latency

This article expects that the reader knows the concepts of containers, Liberator and how Liberator serves container subscriptions. Checkout this for more information. In brief, a container object holds a list of record names, which are considered ...Read More

Dev Week: Money Market POC

It is quite common in the Caplin Integration Team to write Proof of Concepts (POC) where we usually write adapter code that we integrate with new systems. For my ...Read More