Takeaway garbage from JAX London

Last week I got the chance to attend JAX London for a brilliant two-day conference. While several of the presentations and keynotes were interesting the one that really stuck with me afterwards was a small and relatively under-attended talk about the ...Read More

Microsecond time-stamp logging for MiFID II

From 3 January 2018, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) introduces new requirements for the granularity of transaction-event time-stamps. This means that under certain circumstances an application will ...Read More

Caplin @ JAX London 2017

Just like last year, this October Caplin attended JAX London - the 'Conference for Java & Software Innovation'. JAX 2017 at the Business Design Centre in Angel, LondonThe main theme of ...Read More

Continuous Delivery in a Monolithic Repository

A monolithic repository is a giant repository that holds multiple projects. The move towards monolithic repositories has been popularised over the past couple of years by tech giants Facebook and Google, stating advantages such as simplified dependency management and improved code ...Read More

Dev Week: Storybook and Jest

Recently in Caplin we had a dev week. It was an opportunity for developers to collaborate on mini projects to trial and demo new technologies. On the eve of the Caplin Trader 5 release, which embraces new JavaScript technologies and the ...Read More