If you can't think of a good name, use a bad one

I've just read a great tweet from @KentBeck that provides an interesting solution for something that I have always struggled with. if you don't have a good name for it, give it a bad name. a really, really bad name so you'll ...Read More

It's High Time for Good UX

There seem to be a number of people who still have the impression that User Experience (UX) is some divine attribute that is miraculously bestowed upon a few anointed applications. Other applications, they say, have no UX. There is also a belief that ...Read More

Sencha Touch – mobile web development framework

At Caplin we have been using various UI widgets from Ext JS (available from the renamed Sencha company) within Caplin Trader for a couple of years. The Ext JS widgets that we have used have been an excellent complement to the real ...Read More

HTML5 vs Flash – The Saga Continues

Yesterday there were a couple of important posts that have reignited the fire under the HTML5 vs Flash debate. The first was Thoughts On Flash from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The second was the riposte from Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, via Alan ...Read More

Tech Talk – Behaviour Driven Development

Last week several of my colleagues and I watched a Google Tech Talk on Beyond Test Driven Development: Behaviour Driven Development, presented by Dave Astels way back in March 2006. Although four years can seem like an eternity within software development, I ...Read More

Does Spelling Matter for the Real-time Web?

A few weeks ago a colleague sent through a link to this blog by Paddy Donnelly (warning, this link carries a parent advisory sticker) in which he expresses his frustration with web sites littered with spelling mistakes. I also find these mistakes ...Read More

Imprecise Accuracy is better than Precise Inaccuracy

Last week I blogged about how an estimate is not a guarantee. A small, but important, omission from that post was the distinction between an accurate estimate and a precise estimate. Frequently accuracy and precision seem to be considered the same thing. The ...Read More