The Non-Functioning Programmer (Part 1)

Over the years I have played with a whole bunch of languages here and there and have had a lot of fun hacking different things together. But in my second year of university I was introduced to a language called Scheme. Scheme is ...Read More

Clojure Dojo

We had a great time with the London Clojurians at the Clojure Dojo hosted by ThoughtWorks on Tuesday night. Lots of cool (and geeky) code written and fun had by all. It was very nice to get together with a lot of different ...Read More

Dynamic method invocation in Ruby

This year at Caplin we are having a series of Tech Talks based on Bruce A. Tate's Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. This is a great book and I would highly recommend it to any coders out there. Whether you are interested in ...Read More

Why Web Workers don't work (yet)

At our HTML5 HackDay a few weeks ago some of my colleagues tried using web workers to enhance our existing applications. The multi-threading supports provided a significant performance boost to our application. However, does this mean that web workers are the future of web-app development? Not so ...Read More

Testing the Untestable

At Caplin we have a lot of products which do not have user interfaces. Of course,  a user interface for a internal component makes no sense, they are designed to be used by other components, who themselves may not have user interfaces. This ...Read More

What does software look like?

As software engineers we work with substance which can neither be seen, smelt, touched, heard nor tasted. One might argue that we "see" the code, but in reality, our source code is no more than the instructions that we give for something to ...Read More