High Frequency Trading How To

I stumbled across an interesting new blog about High Frequency Trading recently. WK's High Frequency Trading How To covers some of the technical aspects of software and systems that handle high frequency trading from someone that has worked in the area. Hopefully the ...Read More

HTML5 WebSockets in IE?

It seems that Microsoft has come up with a way to introduce HTML5 WebSocket into Internet Explorer. HTML5 Labs is a Microsoft site providing prototypes for the more unstable aspects of HTML5 and other web standards. What this comes down to is a ...Read More

Why no WebSocket server API?

WebSocket consists of a simple Javascript API and a protocol definition. It is fairly simple in concept and the Javascript API makes it very easy to use within any web page. There is lots of talk about compatibility, support and issues with WebSocket which ...Read More

iPhone and iPad WebSocket support

With the release of iOS 4.2 yesterday Mobile Safari has been upgraded to support WebSocket, along with some other new features too. I have been reasonably vocal about how WebSocket isn't the answer to everything, mainly due to browser support and the ...Read More

HTML5 WebSocket support

Dylan has posted a good round up of the state of WebSocket support over on CometDaily. As you can see, the browser support is limited, and the version of WebSocket supported comes into it too. The two biggest browsers, Internet Explorer and ...Read More

HTML5, iOS and the open web

A couple of quick links I picked up on this week.. Google has made updates to its mobile gmail, mentioned here - http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/gmail-in-mobile-safari-now-even-more.html Mobile Gmail is a great example of a mobile web app that acts very much like a native app. And on a related ...Read More

Windows Phone 7 development

Windows Phone 7 is the latest thing in the fast growing world of mobile. Microsoft's previous attempts all seemed to be based on shrinking down their desktop OS to work on various handheld devices, but the problem is, that didn't work very well. ...Read More

IE9 always playing catchup

I blogged about whether IE9 will save us from IE6 when the IE9 beta was released. I just read a blog by Alex Russell - IE 8 is the new IE6 which echoes some of the same points that I made. With ...Read More

Real world benchmarking scenarios

I have blogged about benchmarking before, describing the process. Most of the benchmarking I have done on Liberator and other products has used fairly simple scenarios, testing the core capabilities of the server to pass messages to clients as fast as possible. ...Read More