Will IE9 save us from IE6?

Microsoft have released a beta of IE9, you can download it from http://www.beautyoftheweb.com/. It seems that the battle of the browsers these days has a lot to do with being the best and fastest for modern standards like HTML5. In the past, ...Read More

Native vs Web for Mobile

These days it seems just about everyone has an iPhone, or an Android phone.. and of course Blackberry still has a huge user base. The mobile application space is really hotting up - but what direction do you go? I have an iPhone and ...Read More

Make bidirectional use of Comet – not just half of it!

In my blog Comet Servers for a Single-Dealer Platform (SDP) one of the questions I posed was whether a Comet server supports bidirectional messaging. The key feature of Comet has always been the 'server push' aspect - being able to send data ...Read More

So what can you do with Free Liberator?

Last week I was on the panel at the London Ajax Comet event along with a number of other people representing Comet products. Comet servers are nothing new and there are lots of options out there now, some open source, some free, ...Read More

London Ajax Comet Panel video

The video of the London Ajax Comet panel has now been posted along with some slides.. also Dylan has posted some photos he got an audience member to take too. Here are the links: London Ajax User Group: Comet Panel ...Read More

London Ajax Comet Panel

An interesting event last night that I mentioned recently. Thanks to Dylan for organising the event, and thanks to the other panelists for taking part. It was good to finally meet Alessandro from Lightstreamer, and its good to see the various open projects ...Read More

London Ajax User Group Meetup: Comet Panel

On July 13th I will be at The Skills Matter eXchange on the Comet Panel for the London Ajax User Group. Details can be found here: http://www.meetup.com/londonajax/calendar/13682478/. Sign up and come along if you are interested. It should be an interesting event, ...Read More

Apple releases Safari 5 with HTML 5 WebSocket support

The iPhone 4 announcement obviously trumped this at WWDC 2010, but Apple have also released Safari 5. If you read about what's new you will see lots of HTML5 stuff, including WebSocket. But as I wrote about last week, which version ...Read More

Which version of HTML5 WebSocket?

I have blogged about Why we don't need HTML5 WebSocket previously - and to recap, it's not that we don't need it, it's not really that important until it is far more widespread and that is a very long way off. Anyway, Google ...Read More