Go Up Not Down

Burn down charts are used a lot in giving a visual idea of the velocity of team; what has been done, what is yet to be done and an estimation of what we are likely to achieve by the end of the project. However, ...Read More


THE WORLD IS ALL THAT IS THE CASE There's a flurry of activity when projects kick off, resources have to be marshalled and often teams need to be informed of a good deal of information around the thinking behind the work at ...Read More

Agile UX safari

Around fifty UX Agilistas descended on Caplin’s London office yesterday for an Agile UX Meetup event. It was great to see Martyn Jones from Mind Candy again as I enjoyed the previous event they had hosted. A small army of Caplinites kept the event running ...Read More

Story Maps and SpecLog (Story Maps part 3)

Story maps were an often mentioned conceptual tool at the Agile and BDD one day mini conference of 7 sessions in one location. See skillsmatter for the program and podcasts of the sessions.There were some great talks covering topics from ...Read More

Issues with Story Maps (Story Maps part 2)

Click here for Part 1: Stories & Story Maps There are two challenges with story maps that we seem to continually face: 1. Physicality: Story maps work best when you have a lot of physical space to lay ...Read More

Caplin to host an Agile UX Safari!

Caplin will be hosting an “Agile UX Safari” in a couple of weeks. It will be a little different to the last one at MindCandy (we don’t have a tree house in our boardroom!) but we share their passion for design and ...Read More

Stories and Story Maps (Story Maps part 1)

Here at Caplin we use and are constantly evaluating Agile practices and techniques that make software development and maintenance as efficient as possible. In particular to the practice of BDD, which ‘utilises stories as it's basic unit of functionality’ according to Dan ...Read More