The 50 Commandments of software development

Many years ago I worked for a small software house, Teleca. This was well before the terms "lean" or "agile" were in common use in a software development context. Teleca's founder, Paul Sherwood, shunned formal systems like iso9001 and instead ...Read More

Incremental development applied to the built environment

Agile development comes in various forms and flavours. Each workplace does it differently; some do four-week iterations, others two-week sprints; some use scrum, others xp, and then most will just improvise and make up their own rules – or as Alistair Cockburn, one ...Read More

2 Minutes: Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan joined Caplin as Development Manager in August 2010 Q: Steve, welcome to Caplin. Where have you joined us from? A: I was with Qualcomm for nearly 5 years.  It’s a big US telecom firm that’s not well known in ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

RT @sarahlawfull: Persona embodiment - does it help? @uxmatters #ux #design #sdlc # RT @sarahlawfull: Just signed up to could be interesting for using Twitter ...Read More

Kanban exposes documentation bottlenecks

Back in November I blogged about our company trialing Kanban, “Let’s all jump on the Kanban” which we have now extended to our Documentation Team – something described by David Joyce as BBC Kanban Flu. We kind of knew what was really ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

Hi, this is @martintyler, I am Chief Software Architect at Caplin and will be tweeting this week from CaplinTech # Flex 4 is out, which includes Flash Builder 4 - #ria # This ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

Thanks @ian_alderson for being the World's No.1 #VeryBestEver @CaplinTech guest tweeter!! ~ you leave me with a big hole to fill :) # OK an intro: as well as #RIA and # ...Read More

Imprecise Accuracy is better than Precise Inaccuracy

Last week I blogged about how an estimate is not a guarantee. A small, but important, omission from that post was the distinction between an accurate estimate and a precise estimate. Frequently accuracy and precision seem to be considered the same thing. The ...Read More