Ressurecting the Jigosaurus – Part II

This is part II to Ressurecting the Jigosaurus written by Andrew Trevorah. The original Jigosaurus contained a single playable image which was cut to puzzle pieces saved on the web server as distinct files. Obviously it wasn’t very exciting to play the same ...Read More

Resurrecting the Jigosaurus

Jigosaurus was a multiplayer Jigsaw puzzle that could be played with friends through any compliant web browser. It was originally designed as a small little test project but was sadly left dormant. As fresh starters to the graduate scheme, Aleksei, Yasser and I ...Read More

What does software look like?

As software engineers we work with substance which can neither be seen, smelt, touched, heard nor tasted. One might argue that we "see" the code, but in reality, our source code is no more than the instructions that we give for something to ...Read More

War stories from the Static Analysis Trenches

I have always had a soft spot for automated analysis tools, fundamentally believing that for a reasonable subset of problems, where the rules can be expressed relatively mechanically, that they should be able to effectively diagnose a reasonable number of issues that would ...Read More

Prebake: a recipe for great builds

In his recent post, Java Build Systems: A Sad State of Affairs, Jess Johnson describes the many problems with both Ant and Maven, and how Maven solves none ...Read More

A JUnit trick for ensuring SOLID design

Last week I had the chance to attend Jason Gorman's workshop on SOLID, a set of principles for good object-oriented design. If you want to find out whether your code conforms to one of these five principles (the L, specifically) then ...Read More

If you can't think of a good name, use a bad one

I've just read a great tweet from @KentBeck that provides an interesting solution for something that I have always struggled with. if you don't have a good name for it, give it a bad name. a really, really bad name so you'll ...Read More

Symbian S60 gets Microsoft's Silverlight rival to Flash

David Meyer from ZDNet UK has posted "Symbian S60 gets Microsoft's Silverlight rival to Flash". Silverlight is now supported on mobile devices before even the release of Windows Phone Series 7. As Single Dealer Platforms grow to focus more on mobile devices (we've ...Read More

London Ajax User Group Meetup: Comet Panel

On July 13th I will be at The Skills Matter eXchange on the Comet Panel for the London Ajax User Group. Details can be found here: Sign up and come along if you are interested. It should be an interesting event, ...Read More

Kanban exposes documentation bottlenecks

Back in November I blogged about our company trialing Kanban, “Let’s all jump on the Kanban” which we have now extended to our Documentation Team – something described by David Joyce as BBC Kanban Flu. We kind of knew what was really ...Read More