The world is meant to end tomorrow. For finance?

May 21st 2011 is supposed to be The Rapture. A few will be saved, whereas the rest will be judged to be unworthy. Google finance has clearly decided it is all over. For the financial sector at least. As of 10 minutes ago, this was ...Read More

Caplin presents at SPA 2011

This year we're presenting three separate sessions at the Software Practice Advancement Conference (SPA)! Read on for a run down of the sessions we'll be leading. Run by Richard Chamberlain & James Turner This session takes developers from a ...Read More

3 Things We Learned @UX London 2011

Just last week the UX team at Caplin had the fortune of attending UX London 2011, the largest UX conference in the UK, for three days of talks and workshops. Some of the biggest names in the industry from all over ...Read More

IE10 preview already available!

Before IE9 has started walking and talking, Microsoft have just announced at MIX11 that they are already well underway with the development of IE10 and developers can download the first platform preview release. They are aiming for a September beta, and ...Read More

Coming Soon: Platformability gets a facelift!

Good news—we will soon be having a facelift here with Platformability getting an entirely new, fresh look. After several years of running the blog we thought it was the right time to move forward with a new appearance to improve readability and make it ...Read More

Google Search is not dead

Last week my colleague Sarah asked the question of whether Is Google Search Dead? The question is especially pertinent after Google's controversial move to find more high quality sites which seems to have inadvertently impacted legitimate sites like Cult of ...Read More

Is Google Search Dead?

Over the past nine months I have been finding myself using Google search less and less. In fact it is no longer my first option to find relevant material in my field of expertise. My loyalties have shifted to Twitter,  and turns out that ...Read More

Software Craftsmanship 2010

Yesterday I went to Software Craftsmanship Conference 2010 at Bletchley Park. The program consisted mainly of hands-on type sessions with occasional time out to visit the rebuild of Colossus and look at some of the history of computing they have exhibited there. Here ...Read More

Virgin Galatic: Innovation Tips

Yesterday I attended the BlackBerry Innovation Forum 2010, London.  With the theme "Love Big Ideas" and the reference to "Innovation" I thought I might be enlightened on how BlackBerry drive innovation and create those big ideas - silly me. After sitting through what was ...Read More

Will IE9 save us from IE6?

Microsoft have released a beta of IE9, you can download it from It seems that the battle of the browsers these days has a lot to do with being the best and fastest for modern standards like HTML5. In the past, ...Read More