Testing by Contract in StreamLink JS

StreamLink for Browsers (SL4B) is the JavaScript library that we use to stream data from our server-side Liberator to our client side applications. It provides a simple API for client applications to interact with the financial (or other) data that they are interested in. StreamLink ...Read More

WebDriver, Chrome and Comet Servers

After spending about 3 hours of my day smashing my head against a really tricky little problem in WebDriver I thought I better just write a quick blog to try and warn other weary travellers. The WebDriver findElements() function was incredibly slow. Sometimes it ...Read More

Testing by Contract

In the same way that design by contract can work to interfaces, with a new or existing system testing by contract can work to the interfaces between subsystems.  These interfaces are not necessarily coding interface classes, but they are the externally exposed APIs ...Read More

Agile Testing Days – Day Three

The final day of the conference came with another variety of great talks and also some practical sessions. I was unable to attend ALL of the sessions as I had a flight to catch back to London! But here are the write-ups for ...Read More

Agile Testing Days – Day Two

Another day of interesting talks in the agile testing world. There's so much to process and think about. If I'm being honest, I'm still digesting all the information from yesterday's talks! Thankfully I have my laptop on hand to button-mash the notes together and ...Read More

Agile Testing Days – Day One

The Agile Testing days conference is now in full swing here in Potsdam, Germany! Noted below are my summaries and thoughts on the talks on day one of the conference. Agile teams should adapt to their respective context when working on delivering software. For ...Read More

Mutation Testing – Killed or Survived?

This blog is a follow up from "Why 100% Test Coverage is not enough". Mutation Testing is a method of software testing where the source code gets modified step by step. If there are no failing tests after a mutation to the code it ...Read More

Why 100% Code Coverage is not enough

When it comes to software testing and code quality it is not always clear what the Test Coverage is - respectively what areas of the application need more attention regarding testing. Questions like: - Do we have enough tests? - Do the tests cover enough paths ...Read More

Performance Testing (part 1) – what are the options?

There are many paths which could be followed with performance testing, and this post will attempt to break these down to provide a number of points that should be considered when setting up performance testing for your application. In particular we will ...Read More