Technical and Non-Technical aspects of Test Automation

Test Automation is an essential part of software testing. Especially these days where everything is about agile development and agile processes. Short iterations and flexibility make it crucial to have an efficient Test Automation strategy in place. Test Automation in general is: ...Read More

Internal Quality is important too!

The issue of quality is key to the success of any software product; and there are essentially two main aspects of quality that can be looked at. The first is external quality, which is the quality that is perceived by the users of ...Read More

Unit Testing Servlets: A simple test for a complex servlet

Testing Java servlets reliably can often be difficult. Generally the main business logic is contained in a different class which can be tested in isolation, but in some cases it is necessary to have some logic in the servlet itself. It's also nice to have ...Read More

Agile Testing and BDD Exchange 2011

Summary of all talks There were 7 talks with 15 minute intervals between each.  The event was sold out, so around 125 attendees.  In general the first five talks seemed ...Read More

Testing add and remove using GUID's

When testing features of your product it is often necessary to test state changing methods. For example, consider a method which adds an string to a hashmap. The first time you call it you will get an "OK" message but the second time you ...Read More

What Jasmine thinks of a Given-When-Then syntax

Jasmine BDD is a test automation framework to test JavaScript code. It is designed for Behaviour Driven Development by using specifications to describe the aim of a test in plain English language. Example of a Jasmine test: it("makes testing JavaScript awesome!", ...Read More

2 Minutes: James Betteley

James Betteley has been a Build & Release Manager since 2004. He joined Caplin this past year and now works closely with Caplin’s engineering and quality assurance teams to manage the continuous delivery of our software. Q: James, welcome to Caplin. Where have ...Read More

Benchmarking Caplin Liberator

As the financial comet-streaming engine space becomes more commoditised, vendor selection processes for market data distribution and trade capture projects are both becoming more commonplace and more exacting in their functional and non-functional requirements. One typical non-functional requirement is for high comet engine ...Read More

Testing the Untestable

At Caplin we have a lot of products which do not have user interfaces. Of course,  a user interface for a internal component makes no sense, they are designed to be used by other components, who themselves may not have user interfaces. This ...Read More

War stories from the Static Analysis Trenches

I have always had a soft spot for automated analysis tools, fundamentally believing that for a reasonable subset of problems, where the rules can be expressed relatively mechanically, that they should be able to effectively diagnose a reasonable number of issues that would ...Read More