Javascript Interfaces: Putting The Java back into Javascript

Object-oriented is mostly about encapsulation, but it's also about interfaces and inheritance. However, years of experience have caused most programmers to realize that class inheritance is mostly a bad idea; it breaks encapsulation while increasing cognitive load by introducing cryptic indirection. This is ...Read More

BladeRunner at SkillsMatter

Who Patrick Myles, Emin Tatosian What BladeRunner: A Framework for Building Modular Enterprise-Scale HTML5 Apps Where The Skills Matter eXchange, London When 23rd October 2012, 6:30pm Cost Free Registration Please click here to register HTML5 is quickly emerging as the world’s favourite GUI ...Read More

Velocity Day 3

And just like that Velocity Europe 2012 comes to an end. And I am completely exhausted. By the end of day 1 my mind was 80% full. By mid way through the opening plenary on the second day it was 100%. Now that ...Read More

Velocity Day 2

Wow, so Day 2 of Velocity has just finished and I can't help but feel that I went to all the wrong talks. This is meant as a compliment, I can't believe the amount of talent going on at this conference and it ...Read More

Velocity Day 1

  So the first day of Velocity London 2012 has drawn to an end. And what a day it was. Lots of cool talks, interesting people and plenty of food for thought. Slides I started the day with Monitoring and Observability by @postwait. ...Read More

Looking ahead to Velocity Day 2

Day 2 of Velocity has just started. After an exhilarating day of tutorials yesterday, we are about to start our first day of talks and  we are all going to have to make some hard choice on which of the awesome talks we go to. As usual, ...Read More

Story Maps and SpecLog (Story Maps part 3)

Story maps were an often mentioned conceptual tool at the Agile and BDD one day mini conference of 7 sessions in one location. See skillsmatter for the program and podcasts of the sessions.There were some great talks covering topics from ...Read More

What do developers keep in their toolbox?

I just  discovered a website called that let's you find the 'best' work apps based on the recommendations and experience of your peers (or at least your peers that have been on I like these crowdsourced comparison tools for finding consensus ...Read More

The Psychology of UX: Part 4

Oh, you remembered to come back! So glad to have you as, coincidentally, today’s topic is on MEMORY. This blog was originally posted on my personal blog and you can check it out there too. “Memory is deceptive because it is colored by ...Read More