The Psychology of UX: Part 2

Today we are going to talk about something that most people think they do very well, but in actuality don't.... MULTI-TASKING.  If you are multi-tasking while reading this blog post, CLOSE THE OTHER WINDOWS. I need your full attention. Seriously. Let's find out ...Read More

Office noise or music at work?

Loud colleagues are annoying: But office noise really does cause problems. At its loudest it may induce hearing damage but at even moderate levels it can cause distraction, stress and high blood pressure. Someone who often talks loudly on the phone behind you may ...Read More

3 Things We Learned @UX London 2011

Just last week the UX team at Caplin had the fortune of attending UX London 2011, the largest UX conference in the UK, for three days of talks and workshops. Some of the biggest names in the industry from all over ...Read More

Caplin: A hands-free SDP and the testing challenge

One of the recent challenges our QA team has been facing is our upcoming release of a hands-free single-dealer trading platform. Here's a brief explanation for those of you that are unfamiliar with the concept: in an ever increasing mobile environment, one of the ...Read More

Coming Soon: Platformability gets a facelift!

Good news—we will soon be having a facelift here with Platformability getting an entirely new, fresh look. After several years of running the blog we thought it was the right time to move forward with a new appearance to improve readability and make it ...Read More

The Company of the Future: UX-driven?

At Caplin, we've taken a feather out of Google's hat with our weekly Tech Talks. At Tech Talks one of our developers shares informative or inspirational videos, talks or gives a presentation on something tech-related. It’s a great platform for livening up the ...Read More

Why do dogs…?

Hello Platformability readers. I want to know what you wonder about while daydreaming (working hard) at your desks. As part of “Work Smarter”, my series of blog posts on the science of work, I have tried to cover the issues of: • Sleep deprivation and ...Read More

Platformability 2010 Roundup – A Year to Remember

December has certainly been a month of festive cheer here at Caplin. Despite it being one of our busiest months ever, we still managed to get into the swing of the holiday season. With visions of mince pies and mulled wine ...Read More

Coffee, caffeine, performance and you

Coffee is a worldwide phenomenon. Despite absolutely no requirement for it in the human diet, millions of us use it every day. After observing the huge milk and sugar filled cups of a certain coffee chain a venture capitalist famously remarked ...Read More

Finding the Ideal UX Wireframing Software

Wireframing is the way a UX designer expresses their ideas by showing layout, navigation and task flows in a skeleton of a web interface. For a better idea on wireframes, check out the 'I ♥ wireframes' group. Why? When I recently joined the ...Read More