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Writing a custom Taglet for Javadoc

What are Taglets? You may recognise Taglets in JavaDoc as the text denoted by the @ symbol, and they come in two flavours, standalone Taglets such as the @param and @return tags, and inline Taglets such as {@link mylink} denoted by the curly ...Read More

Internal Quality is important too!

The issue of quality is key to the success of any software product; and there are essentially two main aspects of quality that can be looked at. The first is external quality, which is the quality that is perceived by the users of ...Read More

The New Writing

Which is to say: All civilized people write poetry from time to time.  Both its reading and its writing are necessary to a civilized mind.  But, in most cases, we should be civilized enough to keep it  - at least the writing part ...Read More

The Psychology of UX: Part 8

Hello and welcome back to the Psychology of UX series! Today we are going to be learning about how your unconscious affects your decision-making and how this relates to the web. The brain often acts without our conscious knowledge. The reason for this is that we have ...Read More

Testing add and remove using GUID's

When testing features of your product it is often necessary to test state changing methods. For example, consider a method which adds an string to a hashmap. The first time you call it you will get an "OK" message but the second time you ...Read More

The Psychology of UX: Part 7

Welcome back to The Psychology of UX series! We are now in part 7 which is all about information and our undeniable addiction to it. You can't deny we live in an age where the average person obsessively checks their email and Facebook ...Read More

The world went HTML5, finally Adobe are catching up!

Yesterday's announcement by Adobe that they were abandoning Flash for mobile was greeted with almost universal acclaim in the tech blogosphere. Unusually, there weren't many people surprised or disappointed by the decision. Why? Well, It turns out that Steve Jobs wasn't just being ...Read More

What Jasmine thinks of a Given-When-Then syntax

Jasmine BDD is a test automation framework to test JavaScript code. It is designed for Behaviour Driven Development by using specifications to describe the aim of a test in plain English language. Example of a Jasmine test: it("makes testing JavaScript awesome!", ...Read More