Insights from Web Directions Conference

A few weeks ago, two members of our UX team (Rafael and myself) had the privilege of attending the Web Directions @Media 2011 conference for two days of talks on all things web.  The range of speakers who drew in ideas from tangent ...Read More

Multimedia on the Web/Using HTML5 Sensibly Review

Last night I had the pleasure of attending two excellent HTML5 presentations by Christian Heilmann, organised by the London Ajax User Group and hosted by Skills Matter eXchange. The first focussed on multimedia, specifically what HTML5's video and audio tags ...Read More

Why Web Workers don't work (yet)

At our HTML5 HackDay a few weeks ago some of my colleagues tried using web workers to enhance our existing applications. The multi-threading supports provided a significant performance boost to our application. However, does this mean that web workers are the future of web-app development? Not so ...Read More