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New ways to write better documentation

After a thought-provoking experience of an advanced writing course at the end of last year, I thought I'd share what I learned. Stay tuned for some fascinating videos, a view on how Caplin is keeping up with the latest communication trends, and even ...Read More

Hackday V – Hoverboards and Flying Cars

Since innovation is important to us at Caplin we run regular Hackdays, where developers (and UXistas) form miniteams to build something cool of their choice for 24 hours.  At the end of the 24hours everyone presents what they've achieved and there are prizes ...Read More

Velocity – London 2013

After a thrilling 3 days at the Velocity Conference in London, I've put together this blog to give an overview of the more interesting talks covered in this year's conference. For those whom are unfamiliar with the Velocity conference, you can ...Read More

The Power of Personas

Prior to joining Caplin via an internship for my master’s program in Human-Centred Systems at City University London, I had spent several years working in front-end Web development, application design, and Web project management. Whilst I incorporated various forms of ...Read More

The importance of colour in trading platforms

Psychologists, scientists, advertisers, web designers and so many others have studied colour extensively throughout the years. Studies that associate colour with psychology, culture and even gender have been conducted in an attempt to understand and appreciate its significance in our everyday lives. Its ...Read More

JAX London

This was my first year at JAX London, so I cannot compare it to other years, but I must say that my level of satisfaction is quite high. The location was perfectly adequate –the place was very central and ...Read More