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Understanding JavaScript – part I.

There are many approaches to learning JavaScript, but only a few of them explain how JavaScript works from the inside. I will demonstrate and highlight the most important features of JavaScript throughout a series of articles about how to use the language properly and how to apply the different OOP ...Read More

Developing for IE8: inline-block resize bug

At Caplin we don't need to support the ancient Internet Explorer 6 & 7 browsers, which makes development a lot easier, but IE8 still has some bugs to make life difficult. On a recent project we found an annoying one affecting inline-block elements, where IE8 refuses to repaint the layout ...Read More

Human Behaviour @ Behavioural Design Conference

Caplin Systems gave me the opportunity to attend my first conference in London last Friday; it was “Nudgestock” at Digital Shoreditch. The topic, ‘Behavioural Design’, has always interested me, and it ties in with my work at Caplin. It was an exciting and inspiring day, and yes, I am trying ...Read More

How do you test in an agile environment? Part II

Introduction Part I of this article addressed how to capture business requirements both with examples to enable everyone in the team to have a shared understanding of requirements, and details to help with designing code and tests. This part of the article will concentrate on how to test (in particular to ...Read More


Caplin's UX team headed to Digital Shoreditch last week to discover what the most innovative and creative businesses in Tech City are doing to keep them ahead in our fast pace industry. The event was held in the Shoreditch Town Hall which was packed with people from designers to ...Read More

Scotland.JS 2013

Two weeks ago, 9th-10th May, I took some time out from day to day development and went along to Scotland.JS. It was a great two days with a number of very good speakers, although too Node.JS heavy for my liking, it was a very good event. Below is a quick ...Read More

2 minutes: Matthew Baxter

Matthew Baxter joined Caplin as Head of UX Design in December 2012 Leading Caplin’s UX Design team from research through to visual design, Matthew is focused on ensuring Caplin products are appropriate, intuitive, fit for purpose and a pleasure to use and look at. Matthew takes two minutes to ...Read More

Code Coverage – What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing! Say it again! That is certainly the response I got when I asked an architect about code coverage. And it also seemed to be the conclusion from a long email thread/discussion we had here last year. And it was the response I expected. The referral to Martin Fowler's blog ...Read More