Pitfalls of Exception expectations in JsUnit

At Caplin we use the JsUnit framework to test our JavaScript code. Over time we have made minor modifications to it, integrating Mock4JS and JSCoverage, as well as adding a few of our own extensions that are sympathetic to our ...Read More

Ignoring UX could cost you

This is why it's all about the UX and not the UI.  Those in the business of developing front-end trading applications - take note. You have got to look beyond the graphics and explore the interaction while thinking about avoiding those "fat finger" ...Read More

Guaranteed Messaging – Don't believe it

Guaranteed messaging is something that I've covered before from a Comet perspective. It is still mentioned a lot when talking about messaging technology. People using the technology want to know that if they send a message that it will be received at ...Read More

Livescribe – as tool for Contextual Inquiry

Livescribe is a tool I’ve been using for a year or so now within the UX team here at Caplin, to capture notes from design meetings and ongoing UCD contextual inquiries. It’s a great tool and is also discreet - useful in ...Read More

Would a setMonth() by Any Other Method Name be as Sweet?

On 31st December 2009 a unit test that had been running successfully in the Caplin continuous integration environment for two months suddenly started failing. The test in question created a JavaScript Date object, modified it using various setter methods, then verified that the format ...Read More