Dev Week: Storybook and Jest

Recently in Caplin we had a dev week. It was an opportunity for developers to collaborate on mini projects to trial and demo new technologies. On the eve of the Caplin Trader 5 release, which embraces new JavaScript technologies and the Node.js community, my team decided to take ...Read More

Dev Week: Changing the face of Jenkins at Caplin

The current situation At Caplin, we have been trying to improve the lives of the developers by giving them easier access to CI configuration. We have recently moved from having multiple CI servers to having a single, well-administered Jenkins server. This was a new server ...Read More

Dev Week: Benchmarking containers and fine-tuning latency

This article expects that the reader knows the concepts of containers, Liberator and how Liberator serves container subscriptions. Checkout this for more information. In brief, a container object holds a list of record names, which are considered as the elements of the container. It's ...Read More

Dev Week: Static-site generation

For Caplin Dev Week in July this year I ran a proof-of-concept migration of our developer website to a static-site generator. Over the past year I have developed an interest in the ‘Docs Like Code’ approach to technical writing, and Caplin Dev Week was a ...Read More