WeatherVanes hack day

The theme for Caplin’s Winter Hackday 2022 was ‘Bringing it all together’, meaning to take any of our existing stack, products, and tools, and see what synergies we could produce. The WeatherVanes team (Mike and Marcus) ...Read More

Smarter – Hackday 17

In engineering circles, you’ll sometimes hear stories of 10x or 100x developers who are incredibly more productive than average.  This doesn’t mesh well with my own experience.  There certainly can be significant differences in productivity between developers, but the biggest differences ...Read More

Reimagining Margin Administration – Summer Hack Day 2022

For this season's hack day our team, Jack Cusack, Harry Hornby and myself, decided to focus on reducing the complexity and improving the transparency of price administration of an FX trading system without reducing or restricting the functionality, and having any ...Read More

Hackday 2021 – The Silence of the Lambdas

In the cloud, nobody can hear you stream Since its inception over two years ago the Caplin Managed Services team has been responsible for building and maintaining Caplin’s SaaS cloud offerings. Our cloud infrastructure ...Read More

Hackday 2021 – Electroshock Therapy

This month, Caplin held its biannual hackday event. Developers got into teams of up to 3 and had 24 hours to produce something befitting this year's theme: Speed. Along with my colleague Andrew Voneshen we formed the team “Driving Miss ...Read More

Hackday – gRPC

Our streaming server Liberator serves financial data to browsers with low latency and high resilience.  We’ve used it for trading and pricing all kinds of assets in web based trading systems, and particularly for FX. However, this genericity means ...Read More