Setting up a Kubernetes Cluster

As we slowly move away from Docker Swarm, we have set our sights on implementing a Kubernetes cluster that we can use to build, test and deploy our applications on.  This guide explains how to create a Kubernetes cluster from ...Read More

Jenkins Output Navigator – Hackday Project

The theme for the hackday VII was "Simplify and Scale".My colleague Daniel Owen and I decided to produce something to simplify our lives as QAs at Caplin. Andy Berry was also on hand and kind enough to ...Read More

Embracing Node.js

Repost from James Turner on 13 Dec 2013In the last couple of years Node.js has exploded onto the web development stage. (I’m going to assume that you are familiar with Node.js. If you’re not, and you’re doing web-development then get learning here, here and  ...Read More

Gradle eXchange 2013

A whole day devoted to Gradle – what fun! The fact that the event took place shows how much traction, and how prominent Gradle is becoming in the build community. It’s becoming the de facto build tool for Android, and its support for ...Read More

Automating your VMware farm with PowerCLI

At Caplin, we have 7 ESX 4.0 data stores, filled to the brim with Linux and Windows VMs. We use these VMs to test and deploy artifacts from many different projects, all under the management of a Thoughtworks GO server. It's vital ...Read More