London Ajax User Group Meetup: Comet Panel

On July 13th I will be at The Skills Matter eXchange on the Comet Panel for the London Ajax User Group. Details can be found here: Sign up and come along if you are interested. It should be an interesting event, ...Read More

Freebie for Designers

Hello Designers! Tired of doing the same things again and again? Why not use my personal Lazy Kit, filled with useful time savers and ‘best practice’ principles. Give it a download and try it on your next website design mock-up. ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

Platformability now optimised for mobile devices! Read how Arthur improved the blog 4 a better mobile user experience! # Platformability blog post by @ian_alderson about Sencha Touch - mobile web development framework - ...Read More

Sencha Touch – mobile web development framework

At Caplin we have been using various UI widgets from Ext JS (available from the renamed Sencha company) within Caplin Trader for a couple of years. The Ext JS widgets that we have used have been an excellent complement to the real ...Read More

Optimise for Portable Devices

Platformability is now optimised for Portable Devices. (Give it a go on your mobile!) How to achieve a better User Experience on Portable Devices... (more…) ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

Platformability post: @andrewjdarnell comments our last Tech Talk: The Art of Motivation: Autonomy, Purpose & Mastery: # Great article about why #html5 does not spell the end of #silverlight or # ...Read More

Apple releases Safari 5 with HTML 5 WebSocket support

The iPhone 4 announcement obviously trumped this at WWDC 2010, but Apple have also released Safari 5. If you read about what's new you will see lots of HTML5 stuff, including WebSocket. But as I wrote about last week, which version ...Read More

The Art of Motivation: Autonomy, Purpose, and Mastery

Wow! is the only word I can think of to describe this talk. Great content, backed up by good research, bringing a conclusion that challenges much of the standard management thinking... delivered in a really engaging way! I would love to be able to communicate ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

Platformability: Which version of HTML5 WebSocket? by @martintyler # Platformability's latest: get @detyro's take on SPA 2010 in his latest post (a good read!): "SPA2010 conference redux" # Powered ...Read More

SPA2010 conference redux

I missed the start of SPA2010 on Sunday, I knew it was going to be a heavy week and I needed some time for the family :) Sorry Phil/Adam. Monday started with the opening plenary, I think it was good, I'm sure it ...Read More