2 Minutes: Martin Tyler

Martin Tyler has been a Chief Software Architect at Caplin since 1997. Next week Martin sits on the panel of Skillmatter’s London AJAX User Group Comet Panel (July 13th). Click here to register for the event. Q: Firstly, the important ...Read More

A Technological Singularity. A singular state of mind.

You’re pretty darn clever. No, I’m not messing around. You are. I’m pretty darn clever too. Humans are really quite smart. Our walnut-shaped heads house a brain several times larger than would be predicted for a species of our size but crucially with a ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

Platformability freebie! Download Arthur's Lazy Kit your next website design mock-up: http://bit.ly/9i4R8w # Platformability is now optimised for portable devices! Give it a go on your mobile! http://bit.ly/OgvD5 # London Ajax User Group Meetup: Comet Panel ...Read More