The Company of the Future: UX-driven?

At Caplin, we've taken a feather out of Google's hat with our weekly Tech Talks. At Tech Talks one of our developers shares informative or inspirational videos, talks or gives a presentation on something tech-related. It’s a great platform for livening up the ...Read More

Why iOS isn't ready for HTML5, yet…

Okay, just teasing! My recent experiences creating an HTML5 based mobile web app for iOS has been, on the whole, very pleasant indeed. However, I recently wrote a similarly tilted article "Why Android isn't ready for HTML5, yet..." which discussed some ...Read More

Why Android isn’t ready for HTML5, yet…

I recently created an HTML5 based mobile web app, with the aim that it would work on iOS, Android, and all modern desktop browsers. Unfortunately, although the demo was viewed as a success since almost everyone viewing it ...Read More

2 minutes: Vanessa Carey

Taking down bad UX! Vanessa Carey joined Caplin’s fast growing UX Design team in November 2010. With a background in both product design and graphic design, Vanessa is already making big contributions to successful ...Read More

Taming the App-Cache

HTML5 App-Cache can be a boon for developers of Web Applications, provided you understand how it's meant to be used, and provided you stick to the happy path. Before we look at App-Cache itself, it's worth first reminding ...Read More

SDPs: Native or Browser-based Mobile Apps?

Mobile services is one of the hottest places in the single-dealer platform arena right now as tier 1 investment banks chase the retail banks and online brokerages by providing corporate and institutional mobile offerings. JP Morgan kicked off ...Read More

Fun with Text Encodings

Now that we are building robust internationalisation support into Caplin Trader, there are numerous testing scenarios that can put pressure on the computer running the tests. To avoid corruption, we need proper operating system support, editor support, and to thoroughly test ...Read More

High Frequency Trading How To

I stumbled across an interesting new blog about High Frequency Trading recently. WK's High Frequency Trading How To covers some of the technical aspects of software and systems that handle high frequency trading from someone that has ...Read More

Secrets of Automatic Code Translation

I've recently spent a few dev days at Caplin investigating the possibility of generating code in a number of languages from one source language. The business costs of maintaining multiple code bases (and their associated documentation) are obvious, ...Read More