Technical and Non-Technical aspects of Test Automation

Test Automation is an essential part of software testing. Especially these days where everything is about agile development and agile processes. Short iterations and flexibility make it crucial to have an efficient Test Automation strategy in place. Test ...Read More

Writing a custom Taglet for Javadoc

What are Taglets? You may recognise Taglets in JavaDoc as the text denoted by the @ symbol, and they come in two flavours, standalone Taglets such as the @param and @return tags, and inline Taglets such as {@link mylink} denoted by ...Read More

Internal Quality is important too!

The issue of quality is key to the success of any software product; and there are essentially two main aspects of quality that can be looked at. The first is external quality, which is the quality that is perceived by the ...Read More

The New Writing

Which is to say: All civilized people write poetry from time to time.  Both its reading and its writing are necessary to a civilized mind.  But, in most cases, we should be civilized enough to keep it  - at least ...Read More

Unit Testing Servlets: A simple test for a complex servlet

Testing Java servlets reliably can often be difficult. Generally the main business logic is contained in a different class which can be tested in isolation, but in some cases it is necessary to have some logic in the servlet itself. It's also nice ...Read More

Agile Testing and BDD Exchange 2011

Summary of all talks There were 7 talks with 15 minute intervals between each.  The event was sold out, so around 125 attendees.  In general the first five talks seemed the most relevant for us, and in particular ...Read More