Pairwise Testing

Recently we had a discussion about testing all possible combinations within a FX Trade Ticket. To give a context, a trade ticket consists of several parameters like: - Trade Type (SPOT, FORWARD, SWAP, TIMEOPTION) - Currency Pair (BASE, TERM) - Direction (BUY, SELL) If we combine all possibilities ...Read More

Practical Clojure

The first thing to know about the book Practical Clojure, is that unlike its title might initially suggest, it is not a book trying to describe how to use Clojure practically. That is to say, it doesn't describe how to create enterprise ...Read More

Automated Testing: Caplin Solution Example: Part III

As you may recall the first part of this blog was addressing the challenges facing automated testers and companies. The second part provided an overview to the solution. Finally, in this blog we are presenting a couple of examples to demonstrate how we ...Read More

Automated Testing: Caplin Solution Overview, Part II

In Caplin we have found the solution to all of these problems mentioned Part I. Caplin Trader software architecture has been developed following MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architecture with automated testing in mind. This architecture separates the user interface (View) from Model ...Read More

Internet Explorer Automatic Updates!

This was announced nearly 3 months old now, somehow it passed me by, but Microsoft are going to start automatically updating Internet Explorer to the latest version. This is really big news. People running Windows XP will be upgraded to IE8 since ...Read More

'Magic Ink' and the evils of interaction design!

Here is my contribution to the discussion: Yes Bret Victor is a real inspiration. I have copies of most of his writing in my DevonThink. I even grabbed the 'Invention video' (2012) on my rarely updated tumblelog in February ( In fact we liked ...Read More