Hack Day 2018 – Algebros Algorithmic Trading

Hack Day 2018 was themed 'Power to the People', which offered a broad spectrum for interpretation. Enter team Algebros, the dynamic trio of Tom Pitts, Bodrul Alam and Jack Cusack. Our mission: to give power to the people - ...Read More

Hack Day 2017: Onwards Defrosted Tuna

Hack Day 2017, ‘Let’s Get Physical’, required that every entry contain a hardware component. To meet this requirement, the 'Onwards Defrosted Tuna' team decided to leverage the Caplin Platform to enable a web application to initiate and terminate calls on a ...Read More

Writing a custom Taglet for Javadoc

What are Taglets? You may recognise Taglets in JavaDoc as the text denoted by the @ symbol, and they come in two flavours, standalone Taglets such as the @param and @return tags, and inline Taglets such as {@link mylink} denoted by ...Read More