How do you test in an agile environment? Part II

Part I of this article addressed how to capture business requirements both with examples to enable everyone in the team to have a shared understanding of requirements, and details to help with designing code and tests. This part of the article will concentrate ...Read More

How do You Test in Agile Environment?

Testing in any industry means a product is built and tested. Take for example, a car tested against wet road surfaces or for maximum speed etc. This is known as “Quality Control”. The term “Quality Assurance” however is a much better fit for software ...Read More

Automated Testing: Caplin Solution Example: Part III

As you may recall the first part of this blog was addressing the challenges facing automated testers and companies. The second part provided an overview to the solution. Finally, in this blog we are presenting a couple of examples to demonstrate how we ...Read More

Automated Testing: Caplin Solution Overview, Part II

In Caplin we have found the solution to all of these problems mentioned Part I. Caplin Trader software architecture has been developed following MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architecture with automated testing in mind. This architecture separates the user interface (View) from Model ...Read More

Automated Testing: The Challenges: Part I

Automated testing is one of the newer areas of software testing which is evolving fast. Testing an enterprise web application is a huge task because there might be hundreds of stories to test on each browser. This is where automated testing becomes handy. ...Read More