The Mobile Web getting faster

There is more to the Mobile Web than just Apple products, but with the recent announcement of the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 things are looking interesting. The new iPad has a new faster dual core processor, but less publicised is the ...Read More

Why iOS isn't ready for HTML5, yet…

Okay, just teasing! My recent experiences creating an HTML5 based mobile web app for iOS has been, on the whole, very pleasant indeed. However, I recently wrote a similarly tilted article "Why Android isn't ready for HTML5, yet..." which discussed some far more ...Read More

Why Android isn't ready for HTML5, yet…

I recently created an HTML5 based mobile web app, with the aim that it would work on iOS, Android, and all modern desktop browsers. Unfortunately, although the demo was viewed as a success since almost everyone viewing it did so using iPads and ...Read More

Taming the App-Cache

HTML5 App-Cache can be a boon for developers of Web Applications, provided you understand how it's meant to be used, and provided you stick to the happy path. Before we look at App-Cache itself, it's worth first reminding ourselves what ...Read More

SDPs: Native or Browser-based Mobile Apps?

Mobile services is one of the hottest places in the single-dealer platform arena right now as tier 1 investment banks chase the retail banks and online brokerages by providing corporate and institutional mobile offerings. JP Morgan kicked off the race early last year, launching ...Read More

Multimedia on the Web/Using HTML5 Sensibly Review

Last night I had the pleasure of attending two excellent HTML5 presentations by Christian Heilmann, organised by the London Ajax User Group and hosted by Skills Matter eXchange. The first focussed on multimedia, specifically what HTML5's video and audio tags ...Read More

HTML5 WebSockets in IE?

It seems that Microsoft has come up with a way to introduce HTML5 WebSocket into Internet Explorer. HTML5 Labs is a Microsoft site providing prototypes for the more unstable aspects of HTML5 and other web standards. What this comes down to is a ...Read More

And the winners of the Caplin HTML5 Hackathon are…

Caplin has for a long time pushed the limits of native browser technology, and with HTML5 it seems clear that its time has come. The Caplin HTML5 Hackathon was run in order to develop new HTML5 features to be used in our Caplin ...Read More