Would anybody want StreamLink for Windows Mobile?

After years of promise it really does look like mobile is the next big thing? But what mobile platform will prove to be the most popular? It seems to be a two horse race between iPhone and Android, with Windows Mobile lagging somewhere ...Read More

Silverlight and Flex versus Ajax

On November 10th Caplin and Finextra sponsored a webcast discussing issues surrounding single-dealer portals in capital markets. We have the highlights and while much of the discussion was purely business focused, part III discusses the emergence of Ajax versus Flex and Silverlight. It's ...Read More

How to create a real-time JavaFX application

At Caplin we spend a lot of time talking about the real-time web and more specifically the growing trend for real time rich internet applications, or RTRIAs. One of the key advantages of our Caplin Xaqua offering is ...Read More

Hello Wave. Or it is Wave Hello?

There is plenty of buzz around Google Wave, but what is it all about? My friend gave me and invite and when I logged on he was the only other person I knew in the system, so we said hello to each other ...Read More