Silverlight and Flex versus Ajax

On November 10th Caplin and Finextra sponsored a webcast discussing issues surrounding single-dealer portals in capital markets. We have the highlights and while much of the discussion was purely business focused, part III discusses the emergence of Ajax versus Flex and Silverlight. It’s a very interesting topic and there’s been much debate over which RIA technology will dominate with various ways of looking at what determines technology choice.

From a business point of view the conversation gets interesting when Kevin Bourne asks “do you not want to see a point where people want 100% of the choice but all out of the can with a library of applications that they can then tailor much more specifically to what they want to deliver to their clients?”

You can see the other highlight videos on the Caplin Systems You Tube Channel.

You can also download a full transcript of the event:
Buyers Market – Single Dealer Portals and Courting the Online Client

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