Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

  • Hi, this is @martintyler, I am Chief Software Architect at Caplin and will be tweeting this week from CaplinTech #
  • Flex 4 is out, which includes Flash Builder 4 – #ria #
  • This is @detyro signing off CaplinTech @martintyler is up next and is already atweetin’ – expect lots of technicalgoodness from Martin ~ #
  • Doing some benchmarking of Liberator at the moment, plotting min, max and standard deviation along with the usual average latency #
  • Sproutcore 1.0 released – – looks like a nice HTML5 based framework #ajax #ria #
  • Google making their APIs faster by allowing partial response/update – size matters! #
  • Finally an article on HTML5 WebSocket that doesn’t overlook proxy issues #
  • Trading in the Cloud? interesting stuff about latency and using hardware for processing, saving costs #
  • Fab Fri blog post! Agile Software Development – Adoption of Agile at Caplin: Part I of a series by @ian_alderson: #

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