IE10 preview already available!

Before IE9 has started walking and talking, Microsoft have just announced at MIX11 that they are already well underway with the development of IE10 and developers can download the first platform preview release. They are aiming for a September beta, and say it will include some newer HTML5 and CSS3 features, and be better integrated with hardware acceleration and native OS features.

So it seems that HTML5 marches on, driven by faster browser cycles…
This, and the news that Mozilla plan 4 releases of Firefox in the next 12 months (including FF5 by the end of June), show that Google have got it spot on in breaking the traditional 2-3 year browser cycle with their Chrome release schedule.

This can only be good news for the future of HTML5 and more evidence that HTML5 apps are converging fast with native apps, not just on the mobile platforms but on the traditional desktop too.

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