Caplin presents at SPA 2011

SPA 2011

This year we’re presenting three separate sessions at the Software Practice Advancement Conference (SPA)! Read on for a run down of the sessions we’ll be leading.

Professional JavaScript – Tues, June 14 – 09:00-11:45

Run by Richard Chamberlain & James Turner

This session takes developers from a simple .js file in an HTML page to being able to develop enterprise level JavaScript-based application identifying best-of-breed tools for development and deployment. Reflecting on in the field experiences with these tools.

Attendees will produce a package and set up a development environment that will allow them to:

  • Edit in an IDE with support for code completion, navigation and syntax highlighting
  • Unit test from the IDE and the command line
  • Use mocking for easier testing of interfaces
  • Use BDD on the code for greater test clarity
  • Automatically Test the UI across different browsers
  • Package the code for deployment so it loads as fast as possible
  • Version the code so upgrades go smoothly without having to clear the cache
  • Document the code so other developers know how to use it
  • Have a build to run the code in continuous integration

For more information, click here.

Sketching – A Creative Problem Solving Tool – Tues, June 14 – 09:00-11:45

Run by Duncan Brown

Sketching is not just for artists! Come along have some fun and take away ideas for visual thinking with sketches.

The focus will be on communicating software design and interaction problems and solutions not flowers or life drawing… unless anyone wants to model.

If you don’t already sketch, you’ll be able to add sketching to your expanding Agile toolbox of quick and simple tools for getting things done.
No previous specific skills/knowledge needed. You may think you cannot draw or sketch but I will help you how to build your skills and confidence.

This workshop should be relevant to anyone who wants/needs to communicate ideas quickly and effectively.

In this session you’ll participate in group sketching sessions that build in complexity. We will also do some ‘trick’ exercises that make your brain flick into ‘Right brain’ mode.

For more information, click here.

WebApps That Shine – Wed, June 15 – 09:00-11:45

Run by Adam Iley & Ian Alderson

The aim of this session is to demonstrate what is possible with HTML5. At the moment it is a term that has been grabbed by the marketing departments…the time has come for developers to claim it back.

Offline & Performance Workshop:

  • Local Storage / IndexedDB
  • App Cache
  • Start up time
  • CSS3 – avoid images as these are a memory hog

Device Feature Workshop:

  • Geolocation
  • Orientation – not quite accelerometers, but getting there
  • Camera, video and sound – PhoneGap/Android 3 and coming soon.

Portability Workshop:

  • A single app for your desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • Multiple devices
  • Progressive enhancement

Other Concerns:

  • Findabilility
  • Monetization
  • The real cost of native app development – not all roads are paved with gold

For more information, click here.

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