Limited plumbing hampering your ability to build HTML5 apps ?

Most enterprise-scale language environments such as Java or .net, provide features like single-class-per-file (with on-demand loading); isolation; privacy and namespacing of code; refactoring capabilities; UI paradigms, encouraging separation of concerns; unit and acceptance testing tools with integrated debugging, etc… JavaScript and HMTL5 have none of these built in!

Consider using BladeRunner so that you can focus on the important stuff, and minimise the amount of boilerplate code and config required, without limiting flexibility or constraining the design or development approach.
What is BladeRunner ?

  • It’s a framework for building modular, enterprise-scale HTML5 apps.
  • It consists of a set of conventions designed to make it easy to develop, test, deploy and maintain large-scale JavaScript apps, and a toolkit to support this.
  • It provides a great structure for complex web apps and for working in an enterprise environment, where many developers across multiple teams may be contributing to a single codebase and building pieces of functionality that are delivered into shared application environments.

If you’d like to know more, visit the BladeRunner website, or better yet, why not sign up to join the Beta program and experience it first hand?  It takes seconds to install, and has some great documentation and worked examples to get you started.

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