HTML5 in 2013: Where now? New white paper now available

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In this new publication on the current state of HTML5, Patrick Myles examines its strengths and weaknesses and discusses strategies for dealing with these. Picking up where Paul Caplin left off in 2012: The Year of HTML5, this fact-filled overview looks at the realities of implementing projects using this ubiquitous new technology.
The white paper is now available for download along with our other white papers on the Caplin white paper page.
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One thought on “HTML5 in 2013: Where now? New white paper now available”

  1. Interesting read! I was surprised to see that CoffeeScript didn’t get a mention in your e-book, however. People are getting quite eager to move past Javascript’s perceived weighty clunkiness, and as a result are embracing CoffeeScript in droves. Given that CoffeeScript is just Javascript, you get the benefits of the V8 engine and all the many Javascript libraries out there, but with a massively simplified syntax.
    Matt Hughes

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