Building Front-End Web Apps that Scale at FOWA London

By now you’ve probably heard that we’ve open sourced BladeRunnerJS, the development toolkit that our dev teams – and those of our customers – use to build Caplin Trader-based applications. You probably also know that the toolkit isn’t restricted to Caplin Trader apps, or even financial apps: you can build any type of HTML5 SPA (Single Page App) using BladeRunnerJS. And there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t use any kind of front-end technology (Angular, Backbone, Knockout, React, Web Component, Polymer etc.) within your app too.

However, the fundamental purpose of BladeRunnerJS is to enable you to follow a number of concepts in order to make sure that your front-end application will scale. By this we mean:

  • Help you organise a very large codebase
  • Provide an application architecture that supports complex inter-component interactions
  • Enable the addition, updating and removal of app features without unexpected side effects
  • Allow multiple teams to work in parallel and contribute to the same codebase without conflict
  • Ensure your application is of high quality by encouraging testability

To summarise: for a front-end application to be able to scale it needs to be maintainable.

But, how do you achieve this? Well, that’s exactly what James Turner will be talking about at 9:50 on 1st Oct at Future of Web Apps London.

If you haven’t already got your ticket for FOWA London you can grab one now and use the code BRJSFOWA15 to get 15% off.

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