A Day in Caplin: Andreas, Elias, and Jonathan (internships)

We are Andreas, Elias, and Jonathan, attending the 4th grade of a higher technical college for Software Development. Our school is located in Villach, Austria. We’ll graduate next year. All of us love travelling and getting to know new things, which is why we decided to work at Caplin in London this year. That turned out to be one of the best choices we made so far.

We rented an apartment in Cricklewood, which is a 45 min train and tube travel from Caplin. So, we got up at 7:30am every day to have our daily routine and catch the train afterwards. From Aldgate (our end station) to Caplin it is just a 3 minute walk. Since Caplin supplies their employees with breakfast and other snacks, we took this opportunity and had breakfast at work every day. We started working on the laptops Caplin provided us from 9am-1:30pm. We always made our lunch break at half past one. There are lots of cheap restaurants near the office (very helpful for students). After lunch break, we usually played a game of ping-pong and continued working afterwards. We left at 5:30pm every day.

There are lots of great things to mention about an internship at Caplin. For instance, everybody is friendly and helpful. So, if you get stuck on a problem, you can always ask your co-workers for help. Another great thing is that there are regular agile meetings, which allow you to talk to senior developers and ask questions. Another big thing is that you get treated like a normal employee. For example, we were provided with laptops and food, and invited to the company summer party.

Before we came to London, we had already made plans on what to do there. Most importantly, we wanted to see the London Eye and other big sights like that. Even though most of those sights were really expensive, we saw a lot of them. On one of the weekends we went to a pub for the very first time in our lives; it was amazing. Once we went to the coast of London (Southend-on-Sea) to try out fish ‘n’ chips. There are so many possibilities to spend your free time in London.

We are very grateful that we had the chance to experience something like this internship. It was remarkable. We learned so many new things.

Thank you Caplin!

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