War stories from the Static Analysis Trenches

I have always had a soft spot for automated analysis tools, fundamentally believing that for a reasonable subset of problems, where the rules can be expressed relatively mechanically, that they should be able to effectively diagnose a reasonable number of issues that would have taken a long time to identify ...Read More

The Web is Dead. Long Live the (3D) Web

Ok, well actually it's a bit more like the web is getting ready to transform. - quite literally. ;-) Developers will start needing to get familiar with depth cueing, mip mapping, vector normals, and perspective transforms as the standard hardware accelerated 3D capability becomes the norm. ...Read More

The Art of Motivation: Autonomy, Purpose, and Mastery

Wow! is the only word I can think of to describe this talk. Great content, backed up by good research, bringing a conclusion that challenges much of the standard management thinking... delivered in a really engaging way! I would love to be able to communicate like this. Dedicate ten minutes of your life ...Read More

The beauty of small tests

When tests are small, a test failure means just one thing – somewhere in these ten lines of code which are being tested, there is an error.  Ok, sometimes this can mean that there is an error in the test script, or a there is a failure, or change of ...Read More

Agile – Tests = Fragile

The nature of agile projects, with lots of small releases mean that there are a lot of test runs to execute if you want to have any confidence in the code and the product. Ignoring this testing just generates projects which will fail – not may fail - will fail, categorically ...Read More

Caplin Tech Talk Series, by the self-elected programme chair ;-)

As QA manager at Caplin, I manage a very busy team of test engineers. Previous to starting at Caplin, I was the European Test Engineering Manager at Google. While there I gained a few helpful tips to encourage ongoing learning, brainstorming, discussion and a bit of entertainment despite the typical time constraints of ...Read More