Money Phone

Having gone to the 'Internetworld 2012' event, there seems to be a clear emerging trend for mobiles, which should come as no surprise. We are all going to be using our phones to pay for things from now on. Barclaycard has a rather strange ...Read More

3d Movies Suck, I want Holograms

Ok...I like gimmicks as much as the next guy, but i feel like there are some major issues completely overlooked by this Hollywood bandwagon... (more…) ...Read More

2 Minutes: Arthur Smit

Q: You definitely add a dash of unique style to the Caplin team! Let me ask the question everyone is dying to ask.....where do you get your shoes? A: No... I’m not falling into that one again! Last time a friend of mine asked ...Read More

Freebie for Designers

Hello Designers! Tired of doing the same things again and again? Why not use my personal Lazy Kit, filled with useful time savers and ‘best practice’ principles. Give it a download and try it on your next website design mock-up. ...Read More

Optimise for Portable Devices

Platformability is now optimised for Portable Devices. (Give it a go on your mobile!) How to achieve a better User Experience on Portable Devices... (more…) ...Read More