Duncan: On The Impossible Bloomberg Makeover

Check out this great article from Dominique Leca over at UX Magazine: The Impossible Bloomberg Makeover It includes some concepts from IDEO who submitted a redesign proposal back in 2007... The comments are also interesting and ...Read More

Narrative Journey Maps

The UX team at Caplin are always looking for ways to enhance our Usage Centered Design (UCD) process and tools because we realise the importance of UCD in helping us to uncover the pain points of our users. When designing/refining application ‘flow’ one of the ...Read More

Livescribe – as tool for Contextual Inquiry

Livescribe is a tool I’ve been using for a year or so now within the UX team here at Caplin, to capture notes from design meetings and ongoing UCD contextual inquiries. It’s a great tool and is also discreet - useful in ...Read More

Personas in the driving seat? our worksh…

Personas in the driving seat? our workshop @ the 2010 SPA conference in May http://www.spaconference.org/spa2010/sessions/session276.html 'Persona-driven development – can it work for you?' Has now been accepted! ...Read More

UX: Time to get emotional

In Tales from a Trading Desk, this week Matt Davey has picked up on an interesting article about UX and ROI. I like this sound bite: Also, if you create great UX it will always lead to better user satisfaction, joy and ...Read More

UX London 2009 Pencasts

NOTE: this page might take awhile to load... and/or you might need to refresh the page for the pencasts to display (don't ask me why :)) Merholz-UXLondon2009brought to you by Livescribe UXLondon 2009 Peter Merholz p2brought to ...Read More