'Magic Ink' and the evils of interaction design!

Here is my contribution to the discussion: Yes Bret Victor is a real inspiration. I have copies of most of his writing in my DevonThink. I even grabbed the 'Invention video' (2012) on my rarely updated tumblelog in February (www.detyro.co.uk). In fact we liked ...Read More

Agile UX safari

Around fifty UX Agilistas descended on Caplin’s London office yesterday for an Agile UX Meetup event. It was great to see Martyn Jones from Mind Candy again as I enjoyed the previous event they had hosted. A small army of Caplinites kept the event running ...Read More

What do designers keep in their toolkit?

I previously posted a twin infographic of the developer's toolkit. Here we move on to look inside a designer's toolkit. The sampling here is even narrower - only 180 designers… so it's a little small for any real judgement ...Read More

What do developers keep in their toolbox?

I just  discovered a website called bestvendor.com that let's you find the 'best' work apps based on the recommendations and experience of your peers (or at least your peers that have been on bestvendor.com) I like these crowdsourced comparison tools for finding consensus ...Read More

Caplin to host an Agile UX Safari!

Caplin will be hosting an “Agile UX Safari” in a couple of weeks. It will be a little different to the last one at MindCandy (we don’t have a tree house in our boardroom!) but we share their passion for design and ...Read More

One step closer to a ‘web/work/space UI’…

It's a strange turn of phrase, but as we do more and more online keeping tabs on everything and segregating areas of interest is becoming a more and more frustrating and complicated task when using the tabs within a web browser. ...Read More

With design agility must come design ability

This is an interesting post by Anders Ramsay. I definitely think design agility is an important skill, I think it goes without saying that if you do not have agility then you are not agile, but I also think that design ability is ...Read More

SPA2010 conference redux

I missed the start of SPA2010 on Sunday, I knew it was going to be a heavy week and I needed some time for the family :) Sorry Phil/Adam. Monday started with the opening plenary, I think it was good, I'm sure it ...Read More

EEK! Three Weeks to SPA2010

So... We’re all set for our ‘Persona Driven Development Workshop’ at SPA2010, right? OK – well... nearly. Sarah has done a really nice presentation. But... the workshop materials are not entirely done done. I’m not panicking too much yet - after all there are ...Read More