What do developers keep in their toolbox?

I just  discovered a website called bestvendor.com that let’s you find the ‘best’ work apps based on the recommendations and experience of your peers (or at least your peers that have been on bestvendor.com)
I like these crowdsourced comparison tools for finding consensus on best choices, another good one is socialcompare.com

Actually I found this nice infographic first and then went to investigate bestvendor.com.

It’s obvious that there is a bias here towards Macs. They have made the crossover from the design world to be the professional developer’s laptop of choice. We certainly have many developers at Caplin using them.
This bias is evident in TextMate (a Mac only text editor) being the most popular, having just over a third of the ‘votes’.

I’m wondering if the developer demographic of bestvendor.com users so far has been a little narrow (obviously focussed on web developers)… Either way if you agree or not, you can always pop on the site and let the world know what’s inside your toolbox.

(What is it about developers and big headphones anyway?)

2 thoughts on “What do developers keep in their toolbox?”

  1. Hi – yes for sure Jira is strong, But Dropbox with 75% looks like a monster!
    Personally I find Dropbox soooo simple to use I don’t even think about it anymore, it just works – Hence it’s success.

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